Wine Equipments



The PR 250 pumps are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and are suitable for transferring grapes and marcs. The product is sent into the hopper auger inside the pump casing where it is pushed to the outside by the elliptic rotor via 100 mm pipes for grapes and marcs (60 or 80 for grapes with stalks removed). The pumps can be fitted with a compensation chamber and with a speed variator. They are ideal for combination with the Precisa stalk remover-pressing machines manufactured by us.


The peristaltic pump is suitable for the processing of wine, whole, pressed and stalked grapes and rapes. Its functioning is based on the rotating rolls pression principle, where, the product is pushed away to the exit by pressing progressively a rubber tube. The alternation between compression and relaxation of the tube allows the continuous flow of the product into the system and consequently the product feeding never stops. This principle allows to work by avoiding any kind of oxydation, shaking, product emulsioning, grape crushing and the contact between pumping system and the product itself. The CVS (Continuous Vacuum system) consists of using an electric vacuum pump and a vacuum gauge whose goal is to make easier the total opening of the tube in the semi-hermetic sealed box. That allows to get higher performance in decantation with minor product crushing.