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RTV.1000-2000 are compact machines for filling oil and high density liquids and capping bottles with screw caps. The standard version of the machine comprises a bottling machine with eight or twelve taps, a capping machine for screw caps with 4 rollers and conveying system for squared bottles.
The bottling machine implements a low pression liquid system. The upper unit with the tank and taps is adjustable in height through a handle and standard taps are Ø 14 mm.
The capping machine feeds the caps through a hopper and automatically inserts them in the bottle neck.
By quickly changing the fixtures (filling machine inlet and outlet star, capping machine centre star, rails and counter-star conveyors), the conveying system can hold bottles of different sizes.
The base and all parts that come into contact with the product are made of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL.
The accident prevention guard and safety devices provided comply with EEC safety regulations.

Total weight:




Worktop height:

mm.2100-2250 (adjustable)

mm.1260 (base),

mm.2260 (total)


from 850 to 1110 mm.

Air supply:

Air consumption:

Power requirements:




Hourly production:

5-6 bar

2,7 Lt.

1,5 kW

  • RTV.1000: 950
  • RTV.2000: 1100
  • RTV.1000: from 500 a 1000 bottles/h
  • RTV.2000: from 700 to 2000 bottles/h

Bottle diameter:

Bottle height:

Cork diameter:

Belt speed:

da 55 a 115 mm.

da 240 a 380 mm.

da 28 a 35 mm.

5 m/1'

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